Hunting Season....

hunting_season_south_africaESP Hunting Safaris have exemption on all their concessions and hunt all year round, April to August being peak hunting season since it is not as hot as the summer months. This year’s rainy season has been exceptionally good and because of this the bush might be thicker this hunting season than other years so visibility could be a problem this season. The positive side of the good rains is that the game are doing very well and they are producing more young than the previous seasons. Where warthogs female’s would normally have 2 to 3 piglets they are seen with 4 to 5 and even 6 piglets, impala herds that had 30% young lambs are seen with 45% to 55% young lambs and it seems to be the same across the board with all the other species, we even spotted a leopard with 3 young cubs, all in very good shape.


Although you might think this is only helpful for the coming seasons when these youngsters is all grown up, but what about the hunters that will be hunting Africa this season? It actually reflects back on the health and conditions of the mature animals, those big old trophy males that normally take a lot of strain during the colder, dryer winter months and often die of starvation or pneumonia will be a lot stronger this winter and would actually give the hunter the opportunity to hunt hard for them and test your skill and instinct instead of finding that magnificent trophy amongst scattered bones. This season could be your chance to successfully hunt that monster Kudu Bull, or that mean old Buffalo bull, or whatever specie it is that makes your hard beat faster.


Remember this hunting season the bush is going to be thick, take it slow, stop often to listen and it would not hurt to get down on a knee to peep underneath the thick brush once a while, that trophy you are looking for might be closer than you think!


Happy Hunting


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