Buffalo Hunting Africa

buffalo hunting_africaBuffalo can be hunted on a minimum of a 7 day Safari or it can be added to your Big Game Safari for a trophy fee

The Cape or African Buffalo is probably the most sought after Dangerous Game trophy in Africa. This bovine with its massive panzer like horns, big black powerful body and very bad temperament, is considered by many hunters as the most dangerous of the Big 5. When wounded or agitated they will not hesitate to charge, and when the fight is on, it is to the death, either yours or his. An Old fellow hunter once said, “I think they are scared of dying alone, they always have to try and take somebody with them!” Buffalo has been known to circle back onto their own tracks when wounded and ambush their pursuers; often the hunter becomes the hunted.

Buffalo hunting is done on foot, and normally consists of checking waterholes and roads for fresh promising tracks. Tracking these animals makes for a fun, adrenaline packed hunt. The .375 and in some areas the 9.3’s are considered the legal minimum calibre for hunting Buffalo. Although a well placed shot from a .375 will do the job you might be better off with something in the .40 calibre class. We recommend loading a quality soft-nose bullet for the first shot and solid bullets for the rest. Even with a perfect heart shot from a .458 or .470 buffalo almost never go down on the spot unless the spine is broken. These bad boys can soak up lead, to an extend that one of my hunters asked if they are bullet proof as he was chambering his 7th round while watching the buffalo get up for the umpteenth time.


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