Hippo Hunting In Africa

hippo hunting_in_africaHippo can be hunted separately or combined with Crocodile Hunting on a minimum of a 7 day Safari or it can also be added to your Big Game Safari for a Hunting Trophy Fee.

Hippo Hunting In Africa generally consists of stalking along the river bed or floating down the river until a pod has been located in the river or a bull has been spotted outside the water grazing or sunning himself. Large calibre’s with solid ammunition is recommended whether the hippo is in the water or outside.

Most hippos are shot in the water, with a well placed brain shot the Hippo would sink immediately and the vegetation in its stomach will produce a gas that will make the carcass float. This could take up to 8hours but normally happens within 1 to 2 hours. If the shot was not good the hippo will flip, spin and tumble around because of the concussion, at this stage it is important to put as many back up shots into it as possible every time it breaks the service before it gains stability.


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