Crocodile Hunting South Africa

crocodile huntingCrocodiles are found in nearly all large rivers in Africa and they can be extremely dangerous. This animal is a long-living creature which can live up to the age of 100 years old. 

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Hunting Season....


ESP Hunting Safaris have exemption on all their concessions and hunt all year round, April to August being peak hunting season since it is not as hot as the summer months. This year’s rainy season has been exceptionally good and because of this the bush might be thicker this hunting season than other years so visibility could be a problem this season.

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Our first hunt in Zululand, Natal province

Zebra huntingSpringbok huntingkudu huntingNyala huntingOur first hunt for the season in the new KZN area was a great success. Robert Roman
took an old 28.5 inch Nyala and a beautiful 56.5 inch Kudu, he also bagged a great
Bushpig, Zebra and Springbok in our other areas.

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