To Enjoy Your Safari Experience ESP Safaris Recommends That You Bring These Along With You:

  1. Sun screen (odourless)
  2. Insect repellent
  3. Hat or peaked cap (sun protection)
  4. Binocular (8x or 10x)
  5. Range finder (optional)
  6. Good camera (with enough film or memory sticks)
  7. Lightweight Raincoat (rainy season September to March)
  8. Warm jacked (winter evenings and early mornings can be cold)
  9. Hunting clothes 3sets (camo or khaki)
  10. Warm clothes 1 pair
  11. Casual wear for evening or relaxation
  12. Leather belt
  13. Swimsuit (for summer months)
  14. Warm gloves
  15. Comfortable hunting boots (it is imported to break in footwear prior to your safari
  16. Comfortable shoes or sandals for wear in camp and relaxation
  17. Personal toiletries and medication
  18. Converter from 220v if needed
  19. Anti-malaria tablets (some areas only)
  20. Small flashlight with extra batteries
  21. Sun or shooting glasses
  22. Hunting knife
  23. Lip care/moisturizer
  24. Travel dairy/journal
  25. Carry pack
  1. Passport
  2. Return airline ticked

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