Plains game hunting: example of calibers - .308, 30-06, .300, .338, .375

Ammunition: Any premium grade ammunition, 40 rounds per caliber suggested

Big 5 hunting: .375 caliber or bigger

Ammunition: 40 solids 40 soft’s

Shotgun: 12-20g 200rounds


Ammo pouch

Hard gun case for shipping

Soft gun bag for transportation in field

Cleaning equipment

Documentation regarding importation of firearm

1. Invitation letter from outfitter +2 copies

2. Customs Declaration form 4457 (officially stamped) + 2 copies

3. Temporary Import Application SAP520 form (download from

4. Motivation letter from client. (This letter is from the client stating that he is temporally

importing the rifle for hunting purposes.)

5. Supporting documentation, serial numbers etc


According to South African law it is prohibited to bring auto or semi-auto firearms into the country, you are also limited to bringing 200 rounds of ammunition per calibre

It is recommended that you spend time on the shooting range before your safari, shots may varies from 50yards out to 300yards however you will only take shots op to distances you are comfortable with. You must be familiar with your rifle; it is also recommended that you practise shooting from shooting sticks. (Shooting sticks will be supplied on your hunt). You will have the opportunities to sight in your rifle before commencing the hunt.

Read The Perfect Shot by Kevin Robertson it would familiarize you with the vital area of African game


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