1. 50% deposit confirms your booking, balance payable on commencement of safari.
  2. Trophy fees are payable on all animals killed or wounded and lost on completion of safari
  3. Please note:Payments to be made in USD, Cash (no pre-2000 notes) or money transfers.
  4. Cancellations made 120 days prior to commencement of the hunt qualify for a 50% refund of the deposit, if dates can not be re-booked.
  5. On commencement of the safari a safari contract and indemnity must be read, completed and signed.
  6. Any client wishing to fly commercially or by private charter, between areas is responsible for his own, the PH's, one tracker or camera man's air fare.
  7. Loss of hunting days due to illness, lost luggage, delayed flights, etc. are at client's expense.
  8. To Qualify as a Hunter more than two trophies must be taken of which two must fall under the Plains Game or Dangerous Game categories. Less than that will be clasified as an Observer. 

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