Hunting Mozambique

We offer hunts for Dangerous game and the occasional plains game in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. Hunting is conducted in the old style, like the hunters of yesteryear. Our contracted concessions consist of 350 000acres and border the Limpopo River. It is of close proximity to the Kruger National Park and the Limpopo National Park. These areas are still a true wilderness and hunting free roaming big game in these remote areas would feel as if you've gone back a 100years in time. This type of hunting would often test your skills, nerves and determination but it is also very rewarding.

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This area hasn’t been touched by modern day hunters and trophy quality is exceptional. The Hippo’s and Crocodiles that occupy the pools, river and sandbanks offer the hunter an excellent opportunity to hunt these amphibious animals in there natural environment. This area has produced some Record book Hippo’s, and Crocodiles breaking the magical 16ft measurement. This area also forms part of the old Elephant Migratory route and Elephants are constantly moving through these areas. This constitutes a paradise for the elephant hunter, whether it is to experience the thrill of hunting these dangerous giants up close and personal or to collect that great tusker. Good quality Buffalo visits the area, although one seldom see large herds like in Northern Mozambique, the area host a good population. The buffalo in this area generally breaks up in smaller herds of 3 to 20 animals.

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Hunting in Mozambique is generally conducted on foot so it is advisable that you are in good shape before your arrival. Every effort will be made to ensure your hunt is successful but no guarantees can be expressed since this is an open area with free roaming game and no fences.


Client’s would normally fly into South Africa’s Johannesburg International Airport and from there they can take a flight to Phalaborwa Airport where we would meet up with them and continue the journey by road through Kruger National Park crossing the Mozambique border at the Giriyondo Border Post situated between Kruger National Park and Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park from where we would travel to the hunting area. The distance traveled by road would be approximately 150 miles and an extra day should be set aside for traveling each direction. Charters can be arranged from Johannesburg to the hunting area at clients request.

Hunting Season

Hunting Season in Mozambique starts 1st April to 30th November


Importation of your own rifle could be arranged at a cost of $250/rifle. Importation should be pre arranged and we require all the information at least 2months in advance.

Required information: Copy of passport, copy of US customs form 4457, make, caliber and serial nr of rifle. (No Handguns or semi-auto firearms)

We have Rifles available for rent at $25/day excluding ammo should you not feel like traveling with your own.


Accommodations in our Mozambique concession consist of a village style thatch camp and tented fly camps. Due to the movement of the game we often make use of tented fly camps. All camps are equipped with hot water, showers, and comfortable beds for our client’s convenience. Beds are fitted with Mosquito Nets and it is advised that you start taking Malaria preventing tables prior to your safari since this is a Malaria area. Bottled water will be supplied and it is not recommended that you drink the water supplied in camp, DO NOT DRINK THE SHOWER WATER

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