Hippo Hunting In Africa

hippo hunting_in_africaHippo can be hunted separately or combined with Crocodile Hunting on a minimum of a 7 day Safari or it can also be added to your Big Game Safari for a Hunting Trophy Fee.

Hippo Hunting In Africa generally consists of stalking along the river bed or floating down the river until a pod has been located in the river or a bull has been spotted outside the water grazing or sunning himself. Large calibre’s with solid ammunition is recommended whether the hippo is in the water or outside.

Most hippos are shot in the water, with a well placed brain shot the Hippo would sink immediately and the vegetation in its stomach will produce a gas that will make the carcass float. This could take up to 8hours but normally happens within 1 to 2 hours. If the shot was not good the hippo will flip, spin and tumble around because of the concussion, at this stage it is important to put as many back up shots into it as possible every time it breaks the service before it gains stability.

Buffalo Hunting Africa

buffalo hunting_africaBuffalo can be hunted on a minimum of a 7 day Safari or it can be added to your Big Game Safari for a trophy fee

The Cape or African Buffalo is probably the most sought after Dangerous Game trophy in Africa. This bovine with its massive panzer like horns, big black powerful body and very bad temperament, is considered by many hunters as the most dangerous of the Big 5. When wounded or agitated they will not hesitate to charge, and when the fight is on, it is to the death, either yours or his. An Old fellow hunter once said, “I think they are scared of dying alone, they always have to try and take somebody with them!” Buffalo has been known to circle back onto their own tracks when wounded and ambush their pursuers; often the hunter becomes the hunted.

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Lion Hunting In Africa

lion hunting_in_africaThe African Lion is often referred to as the king of the jungle and is the largest cat specie in Africa. It is on the top of the food chain when it comes to predators. These mega cats will successfully hunt any specie in Africa. His mighty roar that sounds like the rumble of thunder is often associated with the sound of Africa.

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Hunting Elephants In Africa

elephant hunt_safariThe biggest land animal in the world is the African elephant. He is quiet but very fast for his big size, with relatively poor eyesight and excellent hearing. The male African elephant weights about 5500kg and the female 3700kg. This animal has to be hunt with the largest rifle you can shoot well with and there is no room for error.

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South African Climate

african hunting_safarisSouth Africa is known for hot sunny days but winter can be cold. Depending on the time of year, and the different provinces, but generally April to September is warm and dry during the day (17-25 °C) with cool to cold nights and early mornings (2-8 °C). October to March is hot with occasional showers and thunder storms, expected minimum temperatures (15-25°C) and maximum temperatures anything between 25°C and 35°C.

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African Plains Game Hunting

african plains_game_hunting“Plains Game” is the word generally used for the medium sized animals and in particular the antelopes in Africa.

South Africa is considered one of the prime locations for Plains Game hunting and offers the hunter the widest variety of Plains Game species mostly because of its variety of geographic areas that ranges

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